Remarkable Benefits of Play for You Adults! Can You Guess What?

Play is Healthy!

Play is a splendid form of communication. Play is an undervalued method of relaxation and rejuvenation for adults. In the interest of longevity, play contributes to your happiness, wellbeing and to your most sacred self. Play is like an oasis amidst an urban landscape. It frees you from the confines of the mechanical world and allows you to access a softer, more pure place. A place of innocence and delight. Play is not irresponsible, in fact embracing the wild expression of yourself is one of the most responsible things you can do to replenish and renew the spirit that is you. So go ahead and play my darlings. Play with words. Play with others. Introduce a sense of levity into your world that elevates others. Play music, play board games, play with a child. Forget yourself for a moment and be immersed in a smile.

Sat Nam

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